Application of AI and ML for the purpose of creating agents.

Applications – Agents

Below is listed machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques applied to the topic of agents.



  • Software Agents: An Overview – Classic Paper describing the history and various categories of Intelligent Software Agents.
  • Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet – An inventory of currently offered functionality in the information society and a prediction of (near-)future developments.
  • Design of Agent-Based Models – Monography on design and development of agent-based models. Introduction to multi-systems, agents, agent interactions.
  • DataBots – Spreadsheet-based agents with a neural network-like architecture. With databases generated by the bots.
  • Swarm Development Group – An organization dedicated to development of the multi-agent based Swarm simulation system and support to its users.
  • AgentBuilder – Agent building software and related information
  • BDL Agents Simulator – Based on popular games, the aim is to simulate a world of autonomous agents. The goal of the players is then to program agents or parameter meta-simulators, and then watch them evolve.
  • Agentland – Discover the different web agents and bots, the download center, and information on the world of software agents.
  • InfoSpiders – Adaptive retrieval agents choosing heuristic neighborhoods for information discovery.
  • MIT Software Agents Group – Research group at the MIT Media Lab developing techniques and building prototype agent systems.
  • UMBC Agent Web – A collection of web pages on intelligent software agents, knowbots, KQML, SATP, active information integration and agent-oriented systems
  • Eager – An intelligent agent that assists users in performing repetitive tasks.
  • JACK – An intelligent agent development platform. It provides a Java based programming environment using the BDI (Belief, Desire, Intention) agent model.
  • 3APL – A programming language for implementing cognitive agents. A JAVA based platform is available, as well as documentation, code samples and related scientific publications.
  • Jason – An agent oriented programming language based on a BDI architecture, implemented in JAVA. Jason is available Open Source, and is distributed under GNU LGPL. Documentation and tutorials are also provided.
  • International Workshop on Programming Multiagent Systems Languages and tools (PROMAS) – Links to the different editions of the workshop and to related books and documentation.
  • Jade – Java Agent Development Framework – A FIPA-ACL compliant, JAVA based software agents middleware. JADE is currently the most widely used platform for research purpose.
  • Semantic Agent Model (SAM) – A semantic agent development framework. Behaviour of agent are programmed in SWRL. Knowledge Base is represented using OWL.
  • Repast Agent Simulation Toolkit – Repast Simphony is an open source agent-based modeling toolkit that simplifies model creation and use.
  • Agent Oriented Programming – Yoav Shoham’s research article on the agent oriented programming paradigm. This paper present the first agent dedicated language.
  • MadKit – A modular and scalable multiagent platform written in JAVA and built upon the AGR (Agent/Group/Role) organizational model.
  • J.Agentx – A portable, lightweight implementation of the AgentX protocol for SNMP Agent Extensibility. This Java-based package was developed at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.
  • FIPA ACL – Specifications of the Agent Communication Language. The FIPA is a consortium of experts providing specifications and recommendations for agent technologies.
  • Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) – Collection of resources related to the Knowledge Interchange Format. Specifications, manual, and other resources.
  • UMBC: KQML – Information and resources for the Knowledge Query Manipulation Language (KQML)
  • Intelligent Agent Systems: Theory, Design and Implementation – Intelligent Agent Systems: Theory, Design and Implementation is a special track of FLAIRS04 conference, Miami Beach, Florida.
  • Emotional Computers – An overview of implementations of psychological emotion models into emotional agents. Full text on the site.
  • A Survey of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Tveit A. – This paper gives an overview of research on methodologies for Industry-strength Agent-Oriented Software Engineering.
  • A Survey of Agent-Oriented Methodologies, Iglesias et. al, – This article introduces the current (1999) Agent-Oriented Methodologies.
  • Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Jennings N. R. and Wooldridge M. J. – General information and citations.



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